20 Day Notice

You just received a 20-Day Preliminary Lien Notice?

  • This notice is NOT notification of a lien on your property.
  • NO lien has been filed or even contemplated.
  • Poco Verde sends these notices out in compliance with Arizona statutes designed to protect YOU, the property owner from surprise liens.
  • This is merely a notice of disclosure and information regarding the responsible parties involved in the construction being done on your home.
  • This in no way affects or even shows on your credit report/rating.
  • This does NOT reflect any problems with those receiving the notice.
  • Poco Verde submits this notice as required of contractors and suppliers in the State of Arizona to protect our right to file a lien in the future if necessary.

WHAT is included in an Arizona Preliminary Notice?
In Arizona, the preliminary notice must state the following:

  • an estimated total contract amount (possibly increased to accommodate potential change-orders),
  • a description of the labor and/or materials provided
  • the address of the property
  • the party who hired the claimant
  • identification of the property owner.
Again, there is no actual lien on your property.
PROTECTING Your Rights and Ours
First and foremost, a preliminary notice provides the communication necessary to create a healthy project.  These notices illuminate the payment chain and makes sure that everyone understands the relationship of Poco Verde to the overall project.  Keep in mind that in order to file a mechanics lien on an owner-occupied residence in Arizona one must have a written contract with the property owner and have sent a 20-day preliminary notice.  This notice allows you, the property owner, the chance to correct any discrepancies in information found in the notice by returning the notice with the corrected information.